18. Juni 2012

Palm Island

Palms on my Shirt
Power in my Hands
Too much Energy
So I started to Dance

I love my new nike platform shoes now after I glued them onto a pair of flip-flops.

and I'm still absolutely in Love with my 2pac necklace which I found in a thrift store over a year ago.


  1. wo hast du immer die ganze geile scheiße her,
    ich raste immer aus hier !!!
    hammer hemd und die ketten und aaaaaaaaaah

  2. omg! I love all!! shirt, skirt, your platform air force 1...and you 2Pac´s necklace is very cool!!! love love

  3. :DDD glued to a pair of flip flops haha :d love it!

  4. we could share the palm trees shirt! And I want a photoshoot with yaz!!

  5. haha what a brilliant idea glueing flip flops on! x

  6. Shit, those shoes! You're a freakin genius.

    we are purple

  7. hah! thanks! I love your shirt! <3

  8. FANTASTIC VISUAALLLS! OH I LOVE IT :). I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and FOLLOW. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    god bless,