24. Oktober 2011

The Banana Story

I was eating my falafel in the streets of cologne at midnight, without any bad thoughts.
Then I looked up - and there was a little hairy man in front of me, holding the gun in his hands, staring at me.
Wait! It's coming heavier
..there wasn't any hairy man 

It was a monkey! A MONKEY!
thinking I had stolen his banana.

I was like "holy shit!!! I'm standing face to face with the dopest monkey I've ever seen!"   

His face was like "She hadn't stolen my banana - she's better than a banana"

.. Since that day I can spell LOVE in the right way. And he can spell bananabananabanana just perfectly.

yup..and Now we can say THIS is a true romance.

- the end -

Shirt: SecondHand · Hat: Ebay


  1. Scrollen rulez ;) Nice Fotos,kranker scheiß,dito )
    ;P Fan isser jetzt ;9

    Wünsch ne angenehme Woche !

    Greetz aus Mannheim,


  2. Nice earrings u have there miss, where can I get them ?

  3. das hemd ist einfach übermega! *.*
    verräts du mir woher du es hast?!

    suuuper blog!

  4. Vielen Dank :)
    Das Hemd ist von nem second hand in Köln. Steht auch drüber.
    Hatte mich auch damals direkt darin verliebt!

  5. oh okay, habs übersehen!
    ahhh man, verstehe. ist echt ein prachtstück, schätz dich glücklich! :-D

  6. gorgeouuuuuuuuus! love this outfit! ♥